Hello everyone! I know it has been quite some time, but it has all been for good cause.

Besides the usual of being busy due to work, I have been planning something new for awhile now. I’m still working out little kinks for the whole thing, but I feel like it is far enough along that I can make the announcement.

In the next few months, I will be working diligently to figure out all of the kinks and planning for something I’ve been promoting for awhile now. I plan on helping out the Lucky Fin Project and families. So what will I be doing exactly you ask? I plan on donating a portion of all earnings from any kind of photoshoot to their organization to help them raise more awareness. Families of LFP will also get a discounted rate.

You may be asking why? Why are you doing this, Cory? It’s because I love what they do and support. One of my nephews has a lucky fin and I know expenses are high and awareness I’ve encountered is on the lower side.

More info will come at a later time. Enjoy your Saturday and this sunset.

Sunsets are pretty.

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